About Us


Questa Cosmetics was created in 2017 by Shaquesta who is born & raised in Florida, is a mom, student, and growing entrepreneur. With her passion for make-up and creating art... thus Questa Cosmetics was born. Questa Cosmetics is a different type of cosmetic line because we focus everything we do on positivity and encouragement. We want to use makeup as an expressive art for women’s self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-empowerment. Our mission is to help women become their own source of confidence and to help them understand that makeup is not what defines them; their awesomeness comes naturally from loving themselves unconditionally. Our platform encourages them to be the best version of themselves, and our products inspire them to accomplish their greatest goals. Our vision is to support every woman as she leverages her potential to reach the point of greatness- and that is what considers you as a "QC Beauty",  and we welcome other women to join us on our vision towards a warm platform filled with empowerment of others and self-assurance of ourselves. We are gradually growing, and that's all because of our amazing supporters and we sincerely thank you ❤